Naadam, The Three Games of Men

The main festival in Mongolia, the competition in wrestling, horse racing and archery, the heritage of the Mongolian nation
July 2020, Mongolia
July, Mongolia
Every year leading athletes of Mongolia gather together to find who is the strongest. It is called Naadam, Three Games of Men.
Mongolia is an unique country: it has lowest density of population in the world. Just 3 million people live on its vast territories, while one million of Mongolians still stay in yurts and migrate with cattle.

Being a nomadic country, Mongolians are proud of their culture and heritage. That's why Naadam, the annual competition in three traditional sports, remains one of the major events in country.

In every corner of Mongolia best athletes gather together to participate in three challenges: archery, wrestling, and horse racing.
Every summer athletes all around Mongolia gather together to find the strongest in three competitions: horse racing, wrestling and archery. These are some of the most popular sports in Mongolia, with traditions that last for centuries - they are mentioned in 13th century manuscript "The Secret History of the Mongols". And today they remain very important for Mongolian people. That's why anyone can participate in Naadam competitions.

Usually the event takes place in July, but in different provinces of Mongolia dates may vary. Altogether with traditional competitions, it is important place for traditional culture - throat singing, long song and national music, Mongolian cuisine, craftmanship.
The main celebration of Naadam takes place in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. However, local celebrations in smaller towns around the country are less official, less touristic and more authentic, so for true travel enthusiasts we recommend travelling to the countryside to visit the event and meet new friends among athletes and local people.
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