Nauryz and
Eagle Festival

Central holiday for Kazakhs of Mongolia and the gathering of Golden Eagle hunters
March 2020, Western Mongolia
Western Mongolia
Nauryz and the Golden Eagle festival
Celebrate the spring equinox, the beginning of the new year, with nomads and Golden Eagle hunters of Western Mongolia
Life of nomads in Western Mongolia heavily depends on two major seasons, winter and summer. Twice a year, nomads migrate with their herds between winter and summer camps.

With spring equinox, a new cycle begins. Nomads start moving to summer camps. This is when Nauryz (or Nowruz), one of the main celebrations for Kazakh people in Western Mongolia, takes place.
On these dates, a small and cozy Golden Eagle festival takes place in the mountains of Western Mongolia. Unlike the main Golden Eagle festival that takes place during autumn months and attracts hundreds of international visitors, the festival in March is located far in the mountains, 180 kilometers from Ulgii, the largest settlement in the area. The event is also limited to 50 visitors, while about 40 Golden Eagle hunters participate in the competition. This ensures focus on traditions instead of just tourist entertainment, and attracts people who want to have better interaction with local culture.
Nauryz Golden Eagle festival includes traditional competitions of Kazakh people:

Fox skin and Eagle call - two main parts of Golden Eagle competition. Hunters have to summon their eagles, and eagles have to catch the fox skin attached to the rope behind the horse, or land to hunter's arm.

Kyz Kuar - a horce race between a man and a woman. Kyz Kuar has two options - either a man has to chase a woman and kiss her while galloping, or a woman chases a man and hit him with a whiplash.

Bushkashi, or Kokbar, tug of war played on horseback, with a goat skin of whole goat carcass.

Tiyn Teru - "lift the wallet", when riders have to pick up a small bag (or a flower, or a flag) from the ground, while galloping a horse.
The festival lasts for two days. The duration of the shortest travel program to visit the event is 4 days (if you are really, really busy, and want to see only the festival), while we suggest at least 8 days of travel program: then there's enough time to drive from Siberia to Mongolia through the spectacular Altai mountains, which makes this trip very scenic.
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