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Kamchatka is a peninsula on the North-West of Russia. It is huge, with the area of New Zealand (and exceeding the area of the United Kingdom). However, the population of Kamchatka is slightly more than 300 000 people. Low population density combined with remoteness of the area and restrictions of visiting makes Kamchatka one of the wildest places in the world.

Here are some of the main features that make Kamchatka special:

Why to go to Kamchatka

There are hundreds of volcanoes on Kamchatka, and more than 30 of them are active. Also, there are geysers, steam jets, boiling mud pools and other forms of volcanic landscape. Together with 6 nature reserves, mountain glaciers and lakes, they are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Due to inaccessibility and rich nature resources, Kamchatka is famous for its wildlife. There are thousands of brown bears, fishing for king salmon on river rapids, while seas are rich with marine life. Most of the areas are accessible only with helicopter: it's not cheap, but pure wilderness is priceless.
Kamchatka is home to few indigenous people, the Koryaks and the Itelmens are the largest of them. Traditionally, they are herders and fishers, and even today many of indigenous people live in very remote villages or herder camps. For them, the connection with nature is very important, and many still practice shamanic rituals.

Tours to Kamchatka

Visit Kamchatka with Russian Expeditions
We run private tours to Kamchatka
Suggested trip length: 1-3 weeks
Approximate cost: USD 3000-20000
Recommended group size: 4-12 people
Transport: offroad vans, helicopter
Time to visit: November to March (winter), July to September (summer). Suggested time for photography tours: September
Booking: minimum 1 month before the departure date
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